2017 Business Plan Salt Lake City, Utah USA

Pawn Brokers Exchange® 2017 Business Plans Independent Private Organizations®

Pawn Brokers Exchange®

*24/7 WiFi Club Café® Building*

2017 Sales Plan Business Platform

Salt Lake City, Utah

*Seeking Funding And A Retail Store Location*

Owner’s Private/Personal/Business Line 435-255-9710

1. Loans Cash, Store Credit, Broker Services

2. Electronic Appliances,

3. Stereos, Speakers, Bluetooth, Earbuds, Headphones

4. Computers, PCs, Desktops, Laptops, Macs, Peripherals, Printers, Monitors

5. Tablets, 2-in-1s

6. Operating Systems, Software

7. Cell Phones, Chargers, Cases, Screen Protectors

8. Phone Plans,

9. Pre-Paid Cards,

10. Gift Cards

11. Jewelry, Watches

12. Coins, Collectibles

13. Jackets, Miscellaneous Clothing

14. Boots

15. Bicycles, Accessories

16. Tools

17. Electronic Instruments

18. Musical Instruments, Guitars, Keyboards, Cases, Gig Bags

19. Amplifiers, P.A., Mixers

20. Recording Gear, Mics

21. Strings, Picks, Straps

22. CDs, DVDs, Games

23. TVs, Sound Bars

24. Cords, Cables, Connectors

25. Services - Instrument Setups, Computer Tech

26. <………………..>

Urantia Earth Resources Manager And Planetary Owner - Chris Dwaine Christensen Living Expenses 1962-2062 Planetary Prince Term


$1,262 + 6.85% Tax + $61.80 Processing (Shipping)

*24/7 WiFi Club Café®*

A paid $9.99 Per Month Subscription for the SEQUESTRATOR® Operating System® entitles active members to 24/7 WiFi service at the Cafe Location with *Membership Security Features*.

Club Members will also receive various discounts on Club Cafe and StarStoneGifts®.Com Shop items and various Pawn Brokers Exchange® items.

Our new Sequestrator® Operating System is now operating on the URANTIANET® so, it necessary to charge $9.99 Per Month Membership to allow the Profit Sharing Program to produce a more fruitful environment that we can all live by.

Beginning September 1st, 2016 our Club Membership Dues Price is $9.99 Per Month for the entire time the account is active.

*Requires a $21 Billion USD Non-Refundable Security Deposit to view content for Governments and all Affiliates thereof.

$606 Per Month Urantia Earth Residence Rental Fee & UniversalPoliceForce.Com Governance Charge


$606.00 + 6.85% Tax + $62.00 Processing (Shipping Fee)

<100% Owned by Chris Dwaine Christensen January 25th, 2017 UrantiaNet SEQUESTRATOR Operating System Weapon Majestone Christ Michael UniversalPoliceForce.Com Majestone Enterprises Childreamia>